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Vicair Wheelchair cushions and SmartCells

High quality
skin protection

Protecting your skin is one of the most important things to do when you’re in a wheelchair. Things that play an important role in skin protection are pressure redistribution, minimizing shear forces and managing the microclimate. Vicair wheelchair cushions are designed to excel on all of these attributes, because:

  • Air is the best medium to redistribute pressure

  • Vicair compartment design creates stability, minimizing shear forces

  • Vicair O2 wheelchair cushions provide temperature and moisture regulation due to their open structure

Superior positioning

Having a good and stable posture is key in a wheelchair. Proper positioning safeguards the integrity of your bone structure. Your body may also be limited in mobility or deviate from the standard shape. In both cases it is important to properly support your body’s shapes. Vicair wheelchair cushions, filled with tetrahedron shaped SmartCells, are made keeping anatomy in mind, this makes sure that you are supported by the cushion in such a way that you have a good posture as a result.

  • Compartment layouts create stability in the wheelchair cushions, facilitating good posture

  • Cushion design and Vicair technology enable following the body contours for good support

  • Vicair wheelchair cushions are adjustable to fit even the most specific needs

Making everyday functionality easy

Being able to do your every day activities with ease and without spending too much energy is essential. Stable positioning in a wheelchair provides more reach, making daily activities easier. Stability also makes transfers easier and because Vicair wheelchair cushions are extremely light weight they are easy to handle. Moreover, the Vicair O2 cushions are machine washable for optimal hygiene and don’t require daily checks or maintenance. Everything to make life easier.

  • Increased reach, functionality & less fatigue due to stability

  • Extremely light weight and hardly any maintenance

  • Washing your wheelchair cushion has never been easier

Vicair Wheelchair Cushion Innovation

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