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Vicair & Corporate Social Responsibility

Vicair believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. In our own way we take responsibility for the effect our business activities have on our society. By use of the 3 P’s of sustainable business – People, Planet, Profit – we try to show you which choices we make and have made to positively contribute to that same society.

People in Corporate Social Responsibility


Wheelchair users face numerous physical challenges on a daily basis. With the help of the Vicair products Vicair aims to create an optimal environment that enables the user to take on these challenges and participate in society as fully as possible. Sitting comfortably, functional stability and skin protection hugely contribute to this. This is therefore the base of all of our products.

As an employer, Vicair believes that the well-being of the employees is the base of a healthy organisation. We value the work-life balance. Vicair employees are free to be themselves, they are heard and there is room for personal input and initiative. Vicair tries to enhance the feeling of well-being by engaging the employees in the set-up and decoration of the communal areas and by providing relaxation facilities. Naturally the Vicair workplace and parking spots are set up to be used by people with a physically disabled.

We gladly welcome trainees/interns (in cooperation with schools) for educational purposes. We work together with local authorities in order to facilitate work for people with the need of social integration.

Vicair dak zonnepanelen


The Vicair offices and factory are a reconstruction of existing premises nearby our former location. The roof is equipped with more than 575 solar panels. The roof also ensures that 20,00 people can benefit from purified air on a yearly basis. This is because we have chosen to use a special kind of roofing material (Noxite), that purifies the air by neutralizing polluting NOx (Nitrogen oxides) particles. We are aware of the importance of water management and regulate the flow of the water. All the rest is managed by the municipality.

We have chosen for energy-efficient solutions, like LED lights with motion detectors, automatic power-saving lights/climate control (after office hours) and energy saving mode for the attic space. We are also using daylight-entry to diminish the use of artificial lighting and encourage employees to cycle to work as well as working from home.

We recycle paper and plastic waste. We work together with the best waste management company, who manages our waste to convert it into new raw materials or energy. Nothing goes to landfill.

Furthermore the building’s finishing helps to create a year-round agreeable room temperature, which will make heating and/or cooling less necessary. When heating is necessary, the heat released during the Vicair production process will be used to heat the building.

We don’t manage any kind of chemicals and we don’t produce any harmful emissions. We are no hazard for the environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility


Vicair uses a part of the profit for continuous product development, to ensure that our products continue to meet the wishes and physical needs of the wheelchair user. Vicair believes it is important to share the knowledge gathered on the subject of seating and positioning and organizes educational programs for persons who work in this field. Vicair invests in its employees by offering them training opportunities, which allow them to develop/specialize themselves. In all of these ways Vicair tries to contribute to a good quality of life for its users and people in general.

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