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What we stand for: Mission Statement

As an organisation it’s important to know what we stand for and to have a mission statement, so the entire team knows what we are working towards. We make sure that everyone knows why we come to work everyday, regardless of the role that you fullfill. We all work to achieve one common goal, which at Vicair is defined as our ‘Why’. Defining why we go to work everyday is a start as we’ve set the goals we want to achieve. The logical question that follows is ‘how are we going to achieve the goal’? That’s why we have also established how we plan to achieve our goals. The third and last part of our identity shows what it actually is that we do on a day to day basis, it defines the products that we are delviering to our customers every single day.

So we work with a simple three part philosophy: why do we do things? how do we achieve those things? and what do we actually do?


We go to work every day because we believe that every wheelchair user has the right to optimal protection & maximal freedom in their everyday life.

Mission Statement Vicair

We achieve this by creating innovative products that are safe, easy to use and comfortable.

Mission Statement Vicair

Wheelchair seating products are the final output.

Vicair Adjuster O2 weelchair cushion filled with SmartCells

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