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Science in seating

Next to using our technology for other products and purposes, we also value validating our technology scientifically and bringing more measurable proof via technology into the field. Vicair’s R&D department continuously conducts studies to improve or test the quality and capabilities of products. We aim to share as much of the knowledge we gain through these studies as possible via our educational program. Vicair Science in Seating!

Shear force measurement

Besides exploring the opportunities of our existing technology, we also aim to bring new technology into the market that can help achieve better insights into seating and positioning. One of our biggest achievements is the launch of the very first shear force measurement tool, that until this day is still the only device capable of providing these insights: iShear.


iShear gives insight in the total shear forces that take place in a certain position. Additionally it also shows the shear forces per side (left or right leg) in order to show asymmetries that might need adjustments. iShear provides such valuable insights that we strongly believe that in a couple of years every wheelchair will be set up with an iShear.

Vicair Science in Seating iShear

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