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Advantages of a wheelchair cushion

Vicair is one of the leading brands in high quality wheelchair cushions.

Vicair is a Dutch company, founded in 1993. It is dedicated to the development and distribution of products that optimally protect the skin from developing pressure ulcers and yet also provide a high level of stability and comfort.

All Vicair products are developed and manufactured in Wormer, the Netherlands. The unique features and possibilities of the Vicair wheelchair cushions and mattresses have proven themselves over time and have found the hearts of wheelchair users, bedridden persons and therapists.

When you are looking for a wheelchair cushion, the advantages of a Vicair wheelchair cushion make it a natural choice. On a daily basis Vicair products are send to destinations all over the world. At the moment there are over 40 Vicair distributors worldwide.

Through developing these products Vicair has gained a large amount of knowledge about seating and positioning. We believe it is important to share our knowledge on this subject. Therefore we have our own education program for healthcare professionals. Nationally and also internationally in cooperation with our distributors, during exhibitions and congresses or by joining a distributor’s roadshow.

What are the advantages of a Vicair wheelchair cushion?

There are many advantages to a Vicair wheelchair cushion. Each Vicair wheelchair cushion is extremely lightweight: on average less than 0,8 kg (1.8 lbs). A Vicair wheelchair cushion uniquely combines the superior pressure redistributing quality of air with optimal positioning possibilities. This way it protects your skin from developing pressure ulcers and at the same time it supports your optimal, functional and stable seating position. Another example of the advantages of a Vicair wheelchair cushion is the reliability. The cushion is filled with hundreds of individual SmartCells, which allows the cushion to function even if one (or a few) of the cells should go flat.
Next to this all, one of the other important advantages of a Vicair wheelchair cushion it hardly requires any maintenance. Once it is set up, it doesn’t require daily monitoring.

If you are interested in learning about the advantages of a specific Vicair wheelchair cushion, you can visit one of the product pages. You might want to look at the Vicair Adjuster O2 wheelchair cushion, the Vicair Active O2 wheelchair cushion or the Vicair Vector O2 wheelchair cushion. You will find that the Vicair O2 cushions have one special advantage next to the general Vicair advantages: they are fully machine washable at 60°C and 100% breathable. Very hygienic and regulating moist & temperature.

Vicair O2 Wheelchair Cushions

Features of a Vicair wheelchair cushion?

• A unique combination of superior pressure redistribution and optimal positioning.
• High level of comfort.
• Protection of the skin against pressure sores.
• Very lightweight.
• Maximum stability.
• Low on maintenance.
• Reliable and durable.
• Custom Made design possible if required.

Find out which of the advantages of a Vicair wheelchair cushion our users appreciate by reading some of our user stories.

Where and how can I buy a Vicair wheelchair cushion?

From our head office in the Netherlands, Vicair cushions are shipped all over the world. Would you like to buy a Vicair wheelchair cushion? Rules and regulations regarding the purchase and/or reimbursement of a wheelchair cushion vary in each country. You can find out more about the way you can buy your Vicair cushion, by contacting the Vicair distributor in your country.

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The Vicair team is ready to help you choose the right wheelchair cushion. Would you like to know more about the advantages of a Vicair wheelchair cushion? Contact us at our office Monday through Friday (please keep in mind the Central European Time zone) or leave a message on Facebook or Twitter. Your country’s Vicair distributor is also available to help you with any questions you might have about our products.

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