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Clinical Cases with Vicair wheelchair cushions

Wheelchair users automatically have a higher risk of developing skin damages. When there are additional positioning needs, this risk only increases. The following cases describe seating solutions offered by Vicair wheelchair seat and Vicair wheelchair back cushions. Either as an addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan or to support the body posture to allow the client to function as optimally and freely as possible.

Preventing sliding and creating stability with a Vicair Adjuster O2

Mrs I. felt really uncomfortable and uncertain due to the instability she experienced on her ROHO cushion, this case discusses how a Vicair Adjsuter O2 created the stability she desired whilst safeguarding her skin intergrity.

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Actively assisting in healing a pressure injury with the Vicair Active O2

As a result of a series of inpatient stays mr. R developed a red area on his bottom that wasn’t going away on his current cushion. His OT explored the options and figured a Vicair Active O2 might assist in healing the area.

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Accommodating differences in mass with a Vicair Vector O2

Mr. R experienced discomfort in his wheelchair due to unequal pressure created by the differences in mass in his legs, in this case the Vector O2 was used to redistribute pressure to create a comfortable and stable position.

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Addressing a positioning challenge and handling shear forces involved

This case discusses the interesting challenge of creating proper postioning on a slanted seating surface that inevitably creates a lot of shear force.

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Pain relief through pressure redistribution on a Vicair Adjuster O2

This case discusses the situation of a wheelchair user that experienced a lot of pain due to pressure. Pressure mappings showed that the Vicair Adjuster O2 would most likely offer a solution.

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Enhancing positioning and maintaining skin integrity, by using Vicair cushions

This case addresses a positioning challenge that was solved using the Vicair Vector O2 and Multifunctional back support cushion.

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Improving skin protection by using Vicair in a rehabilitation setting

Reducing pressure ulcer incidents and saving money in staff maintenance time, by using Vicair cushions

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Pressure redistribution and stability through immersion on an Adjuster 12

Providing comfort & stable posture all day long, improving participation in daily activities

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Treating a category IV pressure ulcer and solving lateral trunk instability

This case discusses the use of the Vicair Multifunctional back as part of a pressure ulcer treatment and simultaneously solving a lateral trunk instability.

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Treatment of a category II pressure ulcer and improved asymmetric positioning through Vicair.

This case discusses the treatment of a pressure ulcer on a Spina Bifida patient and providing a solution for asymmetric positioning.

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