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How to get a Vicair wheelchair cushion

The process you might need to go through to get a Vicair wheelchair cushion is dependant on the country you live in. Differences in healthcare systems and arrangements for obtaining aids like a wheelchair cushion can strongly vary based on where you live. In general you will be able to obtain a Vicair wheelchair cushion in one of the four following ways, we however always advise to get in touch with your local distributor for more detailed information.

Obtaining a wheelchair cushion via your local dealer

It can also be possible to receive a wheelchair cushion from a local dealer of medical aids. This can either be with or without the prescription/referral from a doctor or therapist. Depending on the system in place, you will either be able to apply for reimbursement via the government or your insurance or you will need to purchase directly from a certified Vicair dealer.

Obtaining a wheelchair cushion via your country’s distributor

Another possibility is that distributors are directly able to assist you. Some sell cushions directly, others have hands-on policies in which they arrange the entire process. Another option is that they provide personal council and guidance and will remain involved even when a dealer or therapist needs to be a part of the process. All our distributors are trained experts in Vicair products and the local healthcare systems, at the very least they will always be able to point you in the right direction

Purchasing privately

If none of the above apply or have worked out for you, there can be an option to buy a cushion privately. Some distributors or dealers are allowed to sell wheelchair cushions directly to wheelchair users. In this case you have your own freedom of choice and are not bound by what is or isn’t reimbursed by your healthcare system. This however also means that reimbursement of the wheelchair cushion is no longer guaranteed.

Having trouble getting the right wheelchair cushion?

Please remember that if you are unsure about how to get a Vicair wheelchair cushion or about which cushion suits you best, you are always welcome to contact Vicair’s office in the Netherlands directly. We try our best to assist you in the best way possible by getting you in touch with the right people or providing product advice. You can contact us via our contact form, mail, social media or by phone.

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