Huibert Pollmann deceased

Huibert Pollmann deceased

We have received the sad news that Huibert Pollmann has passed away on Saturday August 3rd 2019. Together with Max Rogmans, Huibert stood at the cradle of Vicair. As an inventor he worked for a design agency at the Amsterdam Rehabilitation Centre in the 1980s and 1990s, where he explored ways to improve the quality of rehabilitation aids. There he came up with the idea of an alternative air filling for wheelchair cushions. This idea was later developed together with Max Rogmans into the current Vicair SmartCell. In short: without Huibert Pollmann there would have been no Vicair. We are grateful for all the thinking and research that he has done for everyone who to this day benefits from one of his inventions, and we wish his wife Ida a lot of strength in this difficult time.


Huibert Pollman Max Vicair

Image © “Dagblad Zaanstreek” 1996

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