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Why using hygienic wheelchair cushions matters now, more than ever.

The last view years have challenged people around the globe in adapting and changing their lives in the on-going battle against COVID-19. Governments have continuously urged us to work from home, keep our distance and to vigorously wash and disinfect our hands or items that we touch. For healthcare professionals and their wheelchair using clients, physical contact is unavoidable to give or receive the care that is needed.

Under these circumstances optimal hygiene is even more imperative than ever before. That means that the assistive technology aids that you are using, need to allow easy, frequent and hygienic cleaning. This way we can keep our work and/or living environment as healthy as possible for everyone involved.

Clean and hygienic wheelchair cushions, it has never been easier!

If you are dependent on a wheelchair for your everyday mobility, the wheelchair cushion is being used just as intensively. The cushion can and will get dirty, so it’s important that it can be cleaned properly and easily. Vicair introduced a solution to this with their Vicair O2 wheelchair cushions.

These air technology-based cushions are fully machine washable up to 60ºC (140ºF). You can put the cushion in a washing machine in its entirety, with the air filled SmartCells staying inside their compartments, so the cushion set-up is maintained. After washing the cushion can be air-dried for a couple of hours and then it’s ready for use again. There’s no need for any special machines, processes or disinfectants, just a washing machine and some detergent – hygienically cleaning a wheelchair cushion has never been easier.

Wheelchair air cushion Vicair Vector O2 microclimate moisture control

Microclimate control as an additional hygienic benefit

Both temperature and moisture contribute to the microclimate at the wheelchair user’s seating surface. Regulating this microclimate is important in order to provide extra protection of the skin, as humid and unhygienic circumstances make our skin more vulnerable to damage. The open structure of the Vicair O2 wheelchair cushion – which allows it to be washed in full – also allows the cushion to breathe when it’s in use.

Both air and fluids can pass through the cushion freely. The enabled air-flow contributes to regulating temperature on the seating surface and can greatly contribute to having a less warm and/or sweaty bum when sitting on the cushion. Any excessive sweat, spilled drinks or incontinence related accidents do not unhygienically build up on top of the cushion, but move away from the skin to keep it as cool, clean and healthy as possible.

Vicair O2 wheelchair cushions also offer high performance pressure redistribution, optimal postural support and they are very user-friendly. In short: the perfect package for every wheelchair user. Even – or maybe especially – in times of Corona.

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