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Lifetime Warranty on the new generation Vicair SmartCells

  • A brand new & unique Vicair service
  • No registration needed, Lifetime Warranty off-the-shelf
  • Lifetime Warranty applies to the new generation SmartCells only, recognisable by the black Vicair logo print (see picture on this page). Available from October 2017.
  • In the case of a complaint about the SmartCells and/or to request replacement SmartCells, please contact your country’s distributor or contact Vicair directly.
  • We can only provide you with replacement SmartCells under the condition that we receive the cushion’s serial number. We might also need extra information / photographs of the issue to complete the complaint registration. That is why you should never throw away damaged cells before your complaint has been registered by us.

Please note!

  • Inner & outer cushion covers are excluded from this Lifetime Warranty. SmartCells only. See General Terms & Conditions.
  • Vicair Liberty cells are excluded from this Lifetime Warranty.


Vicair SmartCell 2017

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