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On the Vicair website you can find all kinds of information about Vicair wheelchair cushions, everything that we do as a seating and positioning company, and what our customers’ experiences with our products are. To help you find out what’s new and where you can see our product updates ‘in real life’, we’ve created this Vicair News page for you. In the overview below you will find the latest news updates.


Trying out a wheelchair cushion tells you more about what it can do for you than words on a screen. That is why Vicair and Vicair distributors frequently show the Vicair products on exhibitions, shows and congresses. Click here to go to our exhibition overview.


And did you know that we are the proud sponsor of a number of athletes? Check our Sponsorship page to meet them. In most cases our initial contact with these atheletes was about the solution a Vicair wheelchair cushion did or could offer in their particular situation. Getting to know these people meant being inspired by their positivity and determination. And by sharing their stories and accomplishments, we hope to inspire all of you.

Jan 14 2019

#1 position for Vicair Hero Jurgen Boon on new World Ranking list for golfers with disabilities

On January 1st 2019 a number of new global ranking lists for golfers with disabilities have been launched by R&A and USGA. An…

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Jan 10 2019

Ready. Set. Go Nicola! The Dakar rally 2019 is under way

In the summer of 2018 we were excited to announce that #VicairHero Nicola Dutto had the intention to ride the…

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Dec 12 2018

Meet the newest member of our crew: Michel!

As of the 1st of December 2018 the Vicair family has been expanded, the sales team once again welcomes a…

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Oct 22 2018

Meet our new Account Manager: Jolanda.

The Vicair family has been expanded with another reinforcement in the sales team: Jolanda is the new Account Manager in…

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