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Nicola Dutto receives ‘Guret 2016’ Award

Friday, November 4th Nicola Dutto will receive the ‘Guret 2016 “Award. It is awarded to him by the non-profit organization Terra dei Bagienni. This annual award goes to residents of Beinette (Piedmont, Italy) who have distinguished themselves in the field of culture , sport and/or voluntary work. The choice for Nicola is because of his remarkable achievements. Not only in sports but also in his daily life.

Nicola Dutto receives the title Guret 2016. As a motorcyclist he has been able to achieve incredible goals, alongside able-bodied competitors at national and international level. “The choice for Nicola was one without any hesitation” – explains Enrico Giuseppe Falco, president of the organization. “His tenacity, his perseverance and his determination to never give up despite the obstacles that life brings is an example for everyone. By giving him this award, we want to encourage him in his “crazy” projects, the latest of which is to participate in Dakar 2018, perhaps the most difficult off-road race in the world, and in his achievement of being the first spinal cord injury motorcyclist ever.”

The term “Guret” comes from the Italian name of the white willow. This tree is found in abundance in the watery environment of Beinette. The characteristics of this tree – tenacious, flexible and resilient – the organization sees as a metaphor of the people of Beinette.

Nicola uses a custom made Vicair motor saddle cushion during races. In his daily life he uses a Vicair Active in his wheelchair. Needless to say, Vicair – as Nicola’s sponsor – is very proud of everything he has accomplished.  Read more about Nicola on this page. 

Information about the Guret Award is provided by Eurolab Srl.

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