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Every person has a different posture in a wheelchair or on a mattress. To avoid pressure injuries it is important to pay attention to your posture. Our positioning cushions can help you with that. Without a good positioning cushion some users hunch over in their wheelchair, while others may slouch, inching their buttocks closer to the front edge. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, or dealing with a permanent disability, sitting with improper posture can cause new injuries or make the existing one worse.

Positioning Cushions specialist

All of our products are developed, manufactured and tested in the Netherlands. The unique features and possibilities of the Vicair products have proven themselves over time and have found the hearts of wheelchair users, bedridden persons and therapists.

Positioning cushions can help to protect you from pressure ulcers and give you the ultimate comfort. Positioning cushions are designed to make the user feel at ease during extended sitting. These cushions are designed to correct postural discrepancies before they become a problem. They prevent the user from adopting a seating position that may cause undue stress to the body.

positioning cushions

Why Vicair positioning cushions?

We are a cushion and mattress specialist with distributors and users in over 30 countries all over the world. With our products we can help you to prevent pressure injuries and provide you a high quality addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan. Our latest addition to our positioning cushion range is the Vicair O2 range. Entirely machine washable and 100% breathable wheelchair cushions.
As a specialist we are convinced that high quality seating products and proper wheelchair setups are necessary to protect the skin and offer maximal functional stability. Our products are:

• High level of comfort.
• High quality skin protection / pressure ulcer prevention.
• Very lightweight.
• Low on maintenance.
• Vicair O2 range is machine washable & 100% breathable.
• Reliable and durable.
• A unique combination of superior pressure redistribution and optimal positioning.
• Maximal stability.
• When necessary: easily tailored to your situation.

We have several products to improve your comfort and your position. For instance:
Vicair wheelchair cushions: cushions known for their unique combination of high quality pressure redistribution and optimal positioning.
Custom Made cushions: sometimes it is necessary to provide a solution that is specifically shaped and formed to fit an individual’s body contours. For these situations it is possible to create a Vicair Custom Made seat- or back cushion.
Vicair mattress 415: the Vicair mattress 415 provides optimal pressure distribution and much comfort. Our mattress is suitable for the prevention and curing of pressure ulcers.

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