Vicair Mattress 415

For optimal lying comfort

  • Optimal pressure redistribution
  • Pain relief
  • Extremely suitable for immobile users

wheelchair cushion for pressure ulcer treatment plan Vicair ready for use wheelchair cushion Vicair

Pain relief, unrest reduction, pressure ulcer prevention. These are just some examples of the immediate relief provided by the Vicair Mattress 415.
The design offers optimal pressure redistribution, reduction of shear forces, optimal immersion and stable – yet comfortable – positioning. Even with existing decubitus stage I-IV (clinically proven). If a situation requests an individual solution: custom sizes and shapes are available on request.

The pressure relief mattress Vicair Mattress 415 is low maintenance and comes with a fluid proof cover.

It can be used on any type of bedframe and bedframe position (e.g. fowler’s position).

CPR can be performed on a patient without the use of a board.

Mattress extension piece is optionally available.

The Vicair SmartCell air-filling makes the pressure relief mattress Vicair Mattress 415 an extremely lightweight and non-powered alternative to other air-technique replacement mattresses.

The Vicair Mattress 415 is a mattress that helps prevent pressure ulcers. It is also a high quality addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage I-IV).

Mattress 415 manual

Used with

Pressure ulcers (stage I-IV) Rheumatism
Burn victims Terminal illness, spasms
Kyphosis Pain management

Technical specifications

Height 15 cm
Average weight 10 kg
Max. user weight 250 kg
Ready for use Yes
Standard sizes 3
Machine washable No
Latex free Yes
Warranty 5 years on mattress inner cover | Lifetime Warranty on SmartCells


Standard cover Low Friction Cover
Machine washable Yes. Max. 60°C
Latex free Yes