wheelchair cushion Vicair Active O2

Wheelchair cushion Vicair Active O2

Active O2 | 6 cm | For the active wheelchair user

  • Optimal temperature and moisture regulation
  • Fully machine washable
  • Perfect for users who transfer frequently
  • Excellent lateral and frontal stability
  • Features a nifty storage pouch to have personal items in reach

Vicair wheelchair cushion solid shapewheelchair cushion for pressure ulcer treatment plan Vicairready for use wheelchair cushion Vicair

The wheelchair cushion Vicair Active O2 is designed for the active wheelchair user. It offers the unique combination of ergonomically shaped foam and Vicair SmartCells. The four rear SmartCell compartments provide a high level of comfort and skin protection, and offload the sitting bones and tailbone area. The foam front makes transfers easy and feels steady and improves wheelchair handling. The foam inlay is protected by an easy-to-clean fluid resistant liner. The rest of the cushion is 100% machine washable and breathable for optimal hygiene and perfect temperature & moisture regulation. The Vicair Active O2 has an easy accessible storage pouch for precious belongings (keys, phone, wallet). In short: everything you need to maintain your active lifestyle!

The wheelchair cushion Vicair Active O2 is a wheelchair cushion that helps prevent pressure ulcers. It is also a high quality addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage I-IV).

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Choose a 9 cm high cushion model: 

  • Always a better and safer option.
  • Creates better immersion and envelopment.
  • Ideal in cases where asymmetry is present.
  • Greater adjustment possibilities. You can both add and remove SmartCells.

Choose a 6 cm high cushion model:

  • When functionality is at stake. F.i. when a person can’t get underneath a table with his legs when he/she would use a 9 or 10 cm high cushion.
  • When the user has lower risk of developing pressure injuries.
  • Can be used with active users with a custom fit wheelchair without the option to change the height of foot plates, back rest etc.
  • Reduced adjustment possibilities. Never remove SmartCells, only add SmartCells.
  • To  be used in combination with a sling seat. The sling ensures a better adoption of the body contours.
Active O2 user manual
Active O2 product sheet
Active O2 quick installation guide
Active O2 size chart

Used with (among others)

Spinal cord injuries Active users with a high transfer frequency
Paraplegia Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Technical specifications

Height 6 and 9 cm
Average weight 1250 grams
Max. user weight 200 kg
Ready for use Yes
Standard sizes 145
Machine washable Yes. Max. 60°C (without foam)
Drying time Air dry 5 to 6 hours
Warranty 24 months | Lifetime Warranty on SmartCells


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Vicair Vector O2 - a video about one of our machine washable wheelchair cushions!

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