Wheelchair cushion Vicair Custom Made

Endless possibilities

Medical practitioners often work with complex cases in the field of seating and positioning. Generally our Vicair Adjuster O2 and Vector O2 cushions are able to offer a solution, but sometimes it is necessary to provide a solution that is custom made for the client. For those situations it is possible to create a Vicair Custom Made seat- or back cushion.

For 25 years Vicair has been creating products specifically designed for clients with complex disabilities or with specific body contours. The flexibility of the Vicair technique, based on SmartCells, makes this relatively easy to do. Our R&D team department consists of a medical doctor, a product manager and a product designer.

The request for a Vicair Custom Made product is usually made by one of the product specialists of our distributors. They work closely together with the medical practitioner in the process of ordering the Vicair Custom Made product.

First the specific case is discussed in a Vicair R&D team meeting. Based on the description of the client’s medical background and needs, the R&D department is able to start designing the product and a creates a 3D drawing. The drawing will be discussed with the product specialist and the medical practitioner. After the design has been approved, the production of the cushion commences. Vicair has its own Product Design Studio, so within a few weeks the Vicair Custom Made product is ready to be shipped. The medical practitioner further guides the installation of the product.

The Vicair  Custom Made wheelchair seat cushions and wheelchair back cushions help prevent pressure ulcers. They are also a high quality addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage I-IV).

Find more examples of Custom Made Vicair wheelchair cushions below.

Vicair Pommel cushion

This wheelchair cushion has a removable pommel, filled with Vicair SmartCells. The pommel provides extra protection for the skin of your inner thighs.

Vicair Asymmetric

A wheelchair cushion that can be used with cases of (extreme) body asymmetry, such as difference in leg length. Available with either one left or one right front compartment.
wheelchair cushion Vicair Adjuster

Vicair Adjuster 12

This 12 cm high Adjuster wheelchair cushion offers ultimate individual adjustment possibilities in cases of extreme asymmetry.

The unique Vicair Air Technology using SmartCells

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Vicair Adjuster - Perfect support for the asymmetric body