Wheelchair cushion Vicair Pommel cushion O2

Pressure relief and stability with a detachable pommel

  • Optimal temperature and moisture regulation
  • Fully machine washable
  • Ideal for users with adducted conditions
  • Detachable medial thigh support
  • Unique: cushion and medial thigh support covered seperately for ease of use


The Vicair Pommel cushion O2 is ideal for individuals with adducted conditions, where the knees or thighs are pulled together. The cushion’s detachable medial thigh support gently separates the knees and/or thighs relieving the area of pressure that could normally result in pain. The SmartCell filling ensures a softer padded surface between the knees and/or thighs, redistributing pressure in this area and therefore also reducing the risk for pressure ulcers. The detachable medial thigh support has its own separate cover, so it can be removed to facilitate forward transfers or catheterisation whilst remaining in the wheelchair.

Click here to view all available sizes for the Vicair Pommel cushion O2 model.

Technical specifications

Available height10 cm
Average weight850 grams – depending on size
Max. user weight250 kg
Ready for useYes
Standard sizes65 (Size Chart)
Machine washableYes. Max. 60°C
Latex freeYes
Warranty24 months on inner cover | Lifetime Warranty on SmartCells


Available coversComfair Cover, Incotec Cover
Machine washableYes. Max. 60°C
Latex vrijJa

Used with (among others)

Adducted conditions



Click here to download the Vicair Pommel cushion O2 size chart



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