Wheelchair cushion cover Vicair Comfair Cover

Made out of multi-dimensional stretch material

  • Ergonomically shaped cover for better envelopment and immersion
  • Air transmission and heat dissipation
  • Machine washable


The Vicair Comfair Cover is made out of multi-dimensional stretch material and has small pleats at the rear side of the cushion. This design facilitates better envelopment and immersion. The breathable fabric is designed for air transmission and heat dissipation. The Comfair Cover has a special zip puller to make opening and closing the cover extra easy. The cover is fitted with an anti-slip bottom and hook and loop strips.

The Vicair Comfair Cover is available for every Vicair seat cushion, with exception of the Liberty Profile. At the back of the cover there is a metal eyelet. This has been put in especially for passing through the blue loop on the back of the Vicair cushion. In this manner it is always clear what the back of the cushion is, even when the cover is on.

Vicair covers

A cushion cover has influence on the overall performance of a wheelchair cushion. Therefore the Vicair covers are made of high quality materials that enhance the performance of the Vicair cushion. Ensuring that you will experience maximum protection and comfort. Always use a cover with your cushion*. All Vicair cushion covers are machine washable.

*The Vicair Active O2 is an exception. This cushion has been designed in a different way. Its cover has been integrated into the cushion design, which is why a separate cover is not necessary.

Technical specifications

Top: Knitted Polyester fabric
Sides: Polyester 3D Mesh fabric
Bottom: Polyester fabric with polyurethane anti-slip coating


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