Wheelchair cushion cover Vicair Incotec Cover

Usable in all situations where incontinence and hygiene is an issue

  • Fluid and incontinence resistant
  • Extremely usable for institutional and home use
  • Machine washable


The Vicair Incotec Cover is made out of elastic fluid and incontinence resistant material to prevent moisture running through the cover onto the cushion. Moisture can easily be wiped off the cover. The cover can be cleaned intensively in the washing machine, but can also be wiped down with a hygienic cloth. This makes the cushion extremely usable in all situations (institutional and home use) where incontinence and hygiene is an issue.

Please Note! Using an Incotec Cover in combination with a Vicair O2 cushion can severely reduce the temperature- and moisture regulating qualities of the cushion. An Incotec Cover mostly protects the cushion (and not the cushion’s user).

The Incotec Cover is mainly used in situations where incontinence plays a role, but the cover can also come in handy in other situations. For example when you go swimming! You can sit on the cover straight away after coming out of the pool whilst your cushion remains dry. After your trip, you simply change back to your regular cover and you are ready to go.

The Incotec Cover is available for every Vicair seat cushion. At the back of the Incotec Cover there is a metal eyelet. This has been put in especially for passing through the blue loop on the back of the Vicair cushion. In this manner it is always clear what the back of the cushion is, even when the cover is on.

Vicair covers

A cushion cover has influence on the overall performance of a wheelchair cushion. Therefore the Vicair covers are made of high quality materials that enhance the performance of the Vicair cushion. Ensuring that you will experience maximum protection and comfort. Always use a cover with your cushion*. All Vicair cushion covers are machine washable.

*The Vicair Active O2 is an exception. This cushion has been designed in a different way. Its cover has been integrated into the cushion design, which is why a separate cover is not necessary.

Technical specifications

Top: Knitted Polyester fabric, coated with fluid resistant breathable polyurethane
Bottom: Polyester fabric with polyurethane anti-slip coating


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