Wheelchair cushion cover Vicair Top Cover

Ideal to help manage one of the main causes of pressure sores

  • Standard cover for the Vicair O2 cushions
  • Open bottom allows the cushion to breathe continuously
  • Optimal ventilation and comfort
  • Machine washable


The Top Cover is made out of multi-dimensional stretchable, breathable and heat dissipation material. This cover only covers the top part of the wheelchair cushion. Leaving the bottom part open, allowing the cushion to continue to breathe. All in all optimal ventilation and comfort. The Top Cover is ideal to help manage one of the main causes of pressure sores, the build-up of moisture and heat due to lack of ventilation.

The Top Cover is especially designed for the Vicair O2 range*. The Vicair O2 wheelchair cushions have an open structure and are easily machine washable. With the Top Cover they maintain their specific qualities, like their breathability. To make optimal use of the temperature and moisture regulating qualities of the Vicair O2 cushions, we recommend using the Top Cover.

Because of the Vicair O2 cushion’s open structure, it is not necessarily required to use an incontinence cover. An incontinence cover is mostly used to protect the cushion, while it is more important to protect the user’s skin from getting moist and vulnerable. Any moisture or fluid can easily go through the Vicair O2 cushion and doesn’t build up between cover and buttocks. An extra cover is provided with the cushion, so in case of an accident you can quickly sit nice and dry again. In order to deal with the fluids or moisture that pass through a Vicair O2 cushion, you can for example place an incontinence pad under the cushion. The Vicair O2 cushion itself can easily be washed in the laundry machine in its entirety. You can, for example, wash it at the end of the day. After a night of drying the cushion is fresh and ready to use.

At the back of each Top Cover there is a ‘button hole’. This hole is especially made for passing through the blue loop at the back of the cushion. In this manner it is always clear what the back of the cushion is, even when the cover is on.

Vicair covers

A cushion cover has influence on the overall performance of a wheelchair cushion. Therefore the Vicair covers are made of high quality materials that enhance the performance of the Vicair cushion. Ensuring that you will experience maximum protection and comfort. Always use a cover with your cushion*. All Vicair cushion covers are machine washable.  

*The Vicair Active O2 is an exception. This cushion has been designed in a different way. Its cover has been integrated into the cushion design, which is why a separate cover is not necessary.

Technical specifications

Top: Knitted Polyester fabric
Bottom rim: Polyester fabric with polyurethane anti-slip coating


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