Wheelchair cushion Vicair 4

The most user friendly high performance skin protection wheelchair cushion

  • High performance skin protection by even pressure re-distribution
  • Extreme ease of use
  • Supporting the pelvis and thighs for a stable sitting posture
  • Fully machine washable


Machine Washable ENPressure Ulcer Treatment Plan VicairVicair icon ready for use

The Vicair 4 consists of 4 identical individual compartments designed to contour under loading. The cushion is always placed correctly, as all four sides can be either front or back even the top and bottom are identical. The configuration of the four compartments is designed to work together to strike a unique balance between comfort, preserving skin and pelvic support. The four identical individual compartments allow for a foolproof correct positioning on the seating surface.

Vicair 4 cushions and covers have the unique feature of colour coded labels, easily showing if the cushion and cover are the same size. This is considered to be beneficial in environments where many wheelchair cushions are in use at once, such as care centres.

The cushion is 100% machine washable.

The wheelchair cushion Vicair 4 helps prevent pressure ulcers. It is also an addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage I-IV).


Technical specifications

Available thickness 8 cm
Average weight 800 grams – depending on size
Max. user weight 250 kg
Ready for use Yes
Standard sizes 5
Machine washable Yes. Max. 60°C
Drying time Air dry 5 to 6 hours
Latex free Yes
Warranty 24 months on inner cover | Lifetime Warranty on SmartCells


Standard cover Comfair Cover
Available cover(s) Comfair Cover, Incotec Cover
Machine washable Yes. Max. 60°C
Latex free Yes


Click here to download the Vicair 4 user manual Click here to download the Vicair 4 quick installation guide Click here to download the Vicair 4 product sheet Click here to download the Vicair 4 size chart


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