Proud sponsor of the European Para Championships 2023.

Proud sponsor of the European Para Championships 2023.

The first edition of the multisport event ‘European Para Championships’ (EPC), also known as the European Paralympic Championships, took place from August 8th to Sunday, August 20th, 2023, in Rotterdam! These championships provide para-athletes with the opportunity to compete at the European level and prepare for international events, such as the Paralympic Games. During the European Para Championships, para-athletes from 10 different sports and various countries competed against each other.

Vicair was present as a sponsor throughout the entire event at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, offering information to both visitors and athletes and distributing the special EPC orange wheelchair cushion covers. Vicair’s vision closely aligns with the goals of the European Para Championships. At Vicair, we believe that every wheelchair user has the right to optimal protection and maximum freedom in their daily lives.

We are proud to have been a part of this wonderful sports event!

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