Recap: Nicola Dutto’s own response to finishing the Africa Eco Race!

Recap: Nicola Dutto’s own response to finishing the Africa Eco Race!

Recap: Nicola Dutto’s own response to finishing the Africa Eco Race!

You might have already read it in our earlier messages, on the 7th of January 2020 Nicola Dutto took off on the first stage of the Africa Eco Race 2020 in Morocco. Twelve stages and 6.000km further he reached the finish on the 19th of January in Dakar on his adjusted motorbike. Nicola made history in doing so, as he is the first paraplegic motorbike rider to ever finish the Africa Eco Race. You can review all our updates of Nicola during the Africa Eco Race here.

Nicola tells us he felt the Africa Eco Race was a hard, but at the same time fantastic race. Especially the stages in Mauritania were very tough because of all the loose and soft sand they needed to cross. At some point the only option for Nicola was to follow in the tracks of the trucks that also compete in the race. Despite the hard stages, Nicola made it to the finish in Dakar! After the race Nicola indicated that his custom motor saddle cushion is very special to him. He is really happy that – partly because of the great performance of the Vicair cushion – he was able to ride in and finish the Africa Eco Race. This is clearly visible on the pictures taken right after the finish where Nicola is smiling from ear to ear 😊.

What’s next for Nico?

2020 is already a very special year for Nicola. The year started with the incredible journey of the Africa Eco Race. During the race Nicola also celebrated his 50th birthday. He plans to ride several more races this year, but the most special one will be the Baja 1000 in November. The race will take place almost exactly 10 years after his accident.

You can read all about Nicola’s sports activities here.

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