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HandbikeBattle 2019 & 2021 & 2022 & 2023

The HandbikeBattle is a Dutch annual handbike competition at the Kaunertaler Gletscher in Tyrol, Austria. In addition to teams from rehabilitation centres, individual participants are also allowed to participate in the competition. The participating Dutch rehabilitation centers are: De Hoogstraat, Reade, Rijndam, Heliomare, Sint Maartenskliniek, het Roessingh, Adelante, Beatrixoord, Libra, Tolbrug, Vogellanden, Basalt Revalidatie en Revant.

HandbikeBattle 2019 & 2021 & 2022

The HandbikeBattle is a competition for handbikers. The most important thing about the Battle is that the participants reach the finish line and gain confidence in their own capacities. The purpose of the Battle is to make people active and fit, by offering them a challenge that stimulates them to train handbiking independently and together with others.

Dutch Edition October 9, 2021

This year there was no HandbikeBattle in the Austrian Kaunertal, but it became a Dutch Edition in the Tom DumoulinBike Park in Sittard (the Netherlands). 14 teams from Dutch rehabilitation centers competed against each other. The course was completed by the 60 participants purely on arm strength. Many of the participants are still in the middle of their rehabilitation program after an accident or illness. Training for the HandbikeBattle is part of their rehabilitation program.

Vicair was present again this year as a proud sponsor to support all participants before, during and after the race. More information about the HandbikeBattle can be found at

Sponsor of the HandbikeBattle

Vicair was present at the HandbikeBattle this year as a sponsor to support the participants before, during and after the Battle. During the Battle, Vicair was part of the volunteer team. The rest of the week Vicair was present to provide information to participants and therapists, to answer questions about sitting / positioning and to help think about cases they were presented with. It was also possible to test a Vicair wheelchair cushion at the Battle.

Research into the prevention of sport injuries

In 2013 a study was started by the HandbikeBattle in order to measure the changes in the physical and mental capacity of the participants. It is now known that the HandbikeBattle training courses have positive effects on physical fitness (peak power and peak oxygen). Also, there is a positive effect measured on the BMI and the waist size. However, about a number of subjects little is still known. They would like to know more about the prevention of sport injuries. Also they want to know how it works for the participants in the long term. The purpose of the research is that handbikers and rehabilitation centres can benefit from the knowledge.

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