Hansa sailing on the water

Hansa Sailing

Hansa Sailing

Leave your disability behind on the dock! – Hansa sailing

That’s what those sailing in the Hansa class do when they enter the boat. The Hansa class is an inclusive class, meaning people with and without disabilities can participate.

There are different boat types in the Hansa class:

  • 2.3 this boat is similar to an optimist (single-handed sailing dinghy)
  • 303: this boat has 2 sails and can be sailed by 1 or 2 people
  • Liberty: this boat also has 2 sails and is the largest of the Hansa’s.

All Hansa sailing boats have a heavy keel, which prevents them from turning over. With the 2.3 and the Liberty, it is also possible to have electric controls in the boat. Sails and rudder can then be operated with a joystick.

Dutch Hansa sailing team to World Cup in Portimão, Portugal

In October 2023, the Hansa Worlds will be in Portugal. A team of Dutch sailors will participate there. In 2021, the World Cup was in Palermo, where a number of sailors won prizes. These must of course be defended. There are also new participants in our team, which we really like!

The boats of the Dutch have been modified and therefore have to go to Portugal in a truck. Volunteers have to come along and rescue boats have to be hired. All this cannot be done without financial support. Vicair supports us to make sure this is possible.

Hansa sailing on the water


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