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The Sint Maartenskliniek (SMK) is a hospital that is for more than 85 years specialised in treating people with complaints related to posture and movement. The rehabilitation of people with, for example, spinal cord injury or other movement-impairing conditions is therefore one of our main focuses. Our aim is always to encourage rehabilitation patients to achieve maximum performance so that they can participate in society as well as possible. An example of this is participating in the Handbike Battle.

The Maartensmasters is a handbike team from SMK. Every year, this team is reassembled with 6 (former) rehabilitants and 6 therapists, who together train intensively for a period to achieve exceptional performance; both mentally and physically. The ultimate goal: to handbike up the Kaunertal Glacier in Austria during the Handbike Battle!

HandbikeBattle Oostenrijk 2022 handbike

“We are lucky to have the support of Vicair for our team.” – Maartensmasters

“We noticed that some of the participants, especially those with a spinal cord injury, were slumping down in their bikes, causing them to develop pressure injuries during long trainings and not being properly positioned in their bikes. As a rehabilitation centre, we often place a Vicair wheelchair cushion in our wheelchairs. One and one is two, why couldn’t we put a Vicair cushion in a handbike? Submitting this question to Vicair soon led to a great collaboration, with Vicair sponsoring several cushions for our bikes. Huge thanks for this collaboration Vicair! Because of Vicair we can let our participants bike with no worries and of course we hope to see Vicair again in Austria at the HandbikeBattle 😉.”

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