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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the Vicair wheelchair cushions or Vicair seating products, you can check our page with Vicair Frequently Asked Questions.

Vicair Videos

Click here to watch Vicair instruction and information videos.


The Vicair Technology

Everything there is to know about Vicair’s unique Air Technology, using SmartCells.

User Manuals

To find the user manual of your Vicair product, navigate to the user manual page.

Maintenance & Warranty

A quick overview of your Vicair product’s maintenance instructions and warranty information.

Lifetime Warranty

New! As of October 2017 we are producing SmartCells with Lifetime Warranty. Read about this Vicair Lifetime Warranty and the Lifetime Warranty conditions.

Vicair Terms & Conditions

Would you like to know more about our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy? You can find this information on our Vicair Terms & Conditions page.


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Contact the Vicair Customer Support Team

If you cannot find the answer to your question on one of the above mentioned pages, or if you need some personal advise: feel free to contact the Vicair Customer Support Team.

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