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How do I clean my Vicair cushion cover?

The cushion cover can be machine washed inside-out. See instructions on the label attached to the inside of the cover.

Can I wash the cells?

The SmartCells that are used in the Vicair O2 wheelchair cushions can be machine-washed (while they stay inside the cushion) without shortening the life span of the cells. This latest generation machine washable Vicair SmartCells is grey with an all-over black Vicair logo print. The cushions in our Vicair O2 range – for instance the Vicair Vector O2Vicair Adjuster O2 or Vicair Active O2 – are fully machine-washable.

Vicair SmartCell machine washable

If the SmartCells in your Vicair product do not look like the above image: We do not advise to wash them, but it is possible. Only wash the SmartCells when it is absolutely necessary. These cells can be washed with water and soap, or in a washing machine at a low/moderate temperature. Washing the cells might shorten the life span of these cells.

How do I clean my Vicair cushion?

➡Check the cushion label to make sure if your cushion is a Vicair O2 cushion or not!

Cleaning your Vicair O2 cushion is very easy!
Your Vicair O2 cushion can be machine washed at 60°C using an anti-crease cycle and mild detergent. You do not need to remove the SmartCells before putting the cushion into the washing machine. Make sure the topside of the cushion is not placed against the glass of the washer door. Do not load the machine with more than half of its maximum load weight. Spin speed should be reduced. When using a machine with agitator, make sure that the cushion can move freely within the drum. Do not use any chlorine bleach and do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry your Vicair O2 cushion but let it air dry (5-6 hours). You can use the sling to hang dry your Vicair O2 cushion. Please note: when washing the Vicair Active O2, first remove the Foam inlay. The Foam inlay cannot be machine washed. 

Cleaning the Vicair Liberty cushions
Wipe the cushion with a damp cloth using a mild detergent. Do not machine wash the cushion and do not immerse in water or any other liquid.

Your cushion is from the – now discontinued – Vicair classic range (➡ your cushion label mentions “Academy” and/or does not mention “O2” in the article name): 
• Treat light stains by wiping the inner cushion with a damp cloth, using a mild detergent.
• Difficult spots or stains can be cleaned by first saturating the spot and then using a soft brush to loosen the dirt, or by machine washing the emptied inner cover at 60°.
• If it is necessary to remove the SmartCells™ for cleaning, note the number of cells in each compartment.

How do I disinfect my Vicair cushion?

In case of soiling with body fluids, and when transferring the cushion to another user, the cushion must be disinfected to avoid cross contamination.
Clean the inner cushion and the outer cover as described above. When washing the outer cover or Vicair O2 cushion, preferably use an anti-bacterial agent.
Spray disinfectant on the cushion cover and the cushion. Bend the compartments outwards to make sure that the spray mist gets into the gaps.

How do I choose the right Vicair cushion?

Use our wheelchair cushion select tool to find a wheelchair cushion that fits your needs.

I currently have pressure ulcers, can I sit on a Vicair cushion?

The Vicair cushions – with the exception of the Vicair Liberty cushions – can be used as an addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage 1,2,3,4).

How many cells should there be in my Vicair cushion?

You can find the original number of cells per compartment on the cushion label.

How frequently should I check my Vicair cushion?

We advise you to check your cushion every three months for wear and deflated cells. In case of serious damage do not continue to use the product. Consult your dealer.

Can I receive reimbursement for a Vicair cushion?

For information about your country’s reimbursement policy toward Vicair cushions, please contact your Vicair distributor.

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