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Reviews about Vicair wheelchair cushions from users all over the world

Who better to tell you about the Vicair wheelchair cushions and what they can do for a wheelchair user than the users themselves. Here you can read reviews about Vicair wheelchair cushions from people all over the world. The best testimonials to our product are those given by people who sit on the wheelchair cushion every single day. Everyone who sits on one of our products is welcome to give a review about Vicair wheelchair cushions. If you would like to share your experience then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Vicair Active O2 wheelchair cushion

Testimonial Fleur Krom – Vicair Active O2

Fleur has been in an electric wheelchair since she was 5 years old. She has always had a wheelchair with an attached seat cushion, until 6 years ago when she got serious pain in her back because of it. During the Supportbeurs Fleur sat on a Vicair wheelchair cushion and was sold immediately. In this testimonial you can read why Fleur chose a Vicair Active O2 and why she recommends a Vicair wheelchair cushion to everyone.

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Vicair Active O2 - gebruikersreviews

Testimonial Eric Hoet – Vicair Active O2

In 2002 Eric got diagnosed with MS and since then he has always had a wheelchair. Despite all his efforts, he could not sit properly in his wheelchair. At this moment, Eric is sitting straight up again without back pains or numbness in his legs. He now can continue all of his sport activities because he once again has the energy to do them. Read in his review more about how Vicair contributed to this.

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