Testimonial Anders Olsson – Vicair Adjuster O2

Testimonial Vicair Adjuster O2

“The Vicair Adjuster O2 wheelchair cushion is absolutely the best cushion I have ever had, and I have had many!”

I’ve had the Vicair Adjuster O2 wheelchair cushion for a while now, and I’ve been able to test it well during active trainings and quiet lectures. It is definitely the best cushion I have ever had, and I have had many!

Vicair Wheelchair Cushion

“How great that you can just put the cushion in the washing machine after a training session.”

I always have problems with a warm butt. For a period, I even had to change my underwear several times a day because I was so incredibly warm and sweating. But with the Vicair Adjuster O2, which feels very airy, I no longer have this problem. And what’s also great is that if you’ve had an exercise session, the whole cushion can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees. You feel fresh with this Vicair cushion!

“After 5 years of using different salves for the sensitive skin under my buttocks, I now don’t need any salves at all!”

I’ve had problems with my buttocks for over 5 years. I hade to use such strong salves and other products for the skin of my buttocks which is very sensitive to heat. Since I have been using the Vicair Adjuster O2 cushion, I no longer need salves. Thank you Vicair for developing this fantastic product!

– Anders Olsson

Original testimonial: Invacare Sweden.

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