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Testimonial Eric Hoet – Vicair Active O2

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“Being able to sit well became a necessity for me”

Let me start with introducing myself. My name is Eric Hoet and I am 55 years old. In 2002 I got diagnosed with MS, since then I have always had a wheelchair, but I would only use it when I had no other choice. I saw the wheelchair as my enemy. Despite all my efforts I could not sit properly in the chair and I always came out of it being utterly exhausted. Over the years I’ve had three different wheelchairs and now I rely on it every day to conserve my energy. Being able to sit well in the wheelchair became a necessity.

“No more back pain or numbness in my legs. The Vicair Active O2 is a real relief”

I’ve got a great wheelchair now: the Wolturnus W5 delivered to me by Double Performance, pimped with orange spokes and front wheels. The odd thing is that when they come to fit such a wheelchair, that they are only talking about the chair and not so much about sitting properly in it. When the wheelchair was delivered to me, I was surprised that such an expensive, beautiful wheelchair had such a lousy cushion in it. As a result, sitting for long periods of time became dramatic. Luckily that changed when I got in touch with Vicair via the Supportbeurs and MS-day. During the event I sat down on one of their cushions and immediately felt the major difference it made.

When I got home, I got the process of getting a Vicair wheelchair cushion started right away. I succeeded and that’s why I am now happily sitting on a Vicair Active O2. The cushion is great, I no longer have any back pains or numbness in my legs. The Vicair Active O2 is a real relief.

Testimonial Eric Hoet Vicair Active O2

“By being able to move the air pillows from the right to the left side, I can now sit straight up again”

The loose air pillows (SmartCells) are great too. Because of these, the cushion can be adjusted to your own needs.

Due to the reduced amount of muscles in my left but cheek, my posture in my chair became crooked. I then moved some air pillows from the right to the left side of the cushion. Now I am sitting straight up again. This prevents back pains and other issues.

Vicair testimonial Eric Hoet Vicair Active O2

“Because of the Vicair Active O2 I preserve enough energy to be able to do my sport activities”

The Vicair Active O2 improved my seating posture so much, that I now really can take a breather in my wheelchair. My wheelchair is no longer my enemy, but an enrichment to my life. I can continue all my sport activities, because I once again have the energy to do them.

– Eric Hoet

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