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Testimonial Ingrid van der Veer – Vicair AllRounder O2

“My life as an active person suddenly stopped. Later I started volunteering two mornings a week, and one thing led to another!”

Hi, my name is Ingrid van der Veer. I am 53 years old and in a wheelchair since 2016, that’s about 5 years now. Since 2012, I had different vague symptoms and eventually it turned out that I have DVN. A muscle disease. After using a cane or a crutch for a while, I started riding in a mobility scooter. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that my body needed more support and that a wheelchair was unavoidable.

My first wheelchair was not really the right one for me, but at that time I did not know that. My wheelchair broke down on holiday and after that I got a custom-made wheelchair. That was a big relief! It was very nice, but after that I also wanted to get my life back on track. Because in the meantime I had been medically disqualified and therefore had become unemployed.

All my life I had been an active person and that suddenly stopped. In my opinion, I had two choices: just stay at home, become pathetic and feel sorry for myself, or do something! I started volunteering two mornings a week, and one thing led to another!

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“I started sailing in the Hansa Class but sitting on the plastic chairs in the adapted boats was not pleasant.”

I got to know new people and spoke to somebody who was involved in sailing for people with disabilities in the Hansa Class in the Netherlands. I wanted to come along to have a look, because I have always done different water sports. Especially in my younger years. It turned out to be a golden opportunity, only the sitting on the plastic chairs in the adapted boats was not pleasant for me. I saw that most people came up with all kinds of solutions to this problem and so I also started working with different kinds of cushions and mats.

“I saw the Vicair AllRounder O2 on Facebook. There was my solution!”

I used the cushions until I saw someone using the Vicair AllRounder O2 for gardening on Facebook. It allowed him to sit comfortably on the ground and it didn’t wear out his trousers. I looked it up and the first thing I saw was a picture of a lady using the Vicair AllRounder O2 activity cushion on a sailing boat. There was my solution! The Vicair AllRounder O2 is the solution for me to sit well while sailing. The cushion provides good support, also for my lower back. As a result, I don’t have to worry about how to sail with the minimum amount of pain.

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“Finally no pain in my buttocks and lower back. The activity cushion Vicair AllRounder O2 gives a lot of support and after sailing I still have energy left.”

That weekend sailing was a success, finally no pain in my buttocks and lower back. I did not come out of the boat with pain and I had a lot of support from the cushion. After sailing, I still had enough energy to drive home and when I got home, I did not have to lie down immediately. Of course I was tired, but in a healthy way.

“That practical cushion is attached to me, so it never moves.”

When I go sailing now, and I do that in different places in the country, I take my Vicair AllRounder O2 cushion with me. People have already asked me what kind of handy cushion I got. It is attached to my body, so it never moves. They found it interesting and I hope other sailors will enjoy it as much as I do.

An active life is very important for me, and I think for everyone!

– Ingrid van der Veer

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