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Testimonial Jessica Blaak – Vicair Vector O2

Jessica Gebruikersreview Vicair Vector O2 Rolstoelkussen

“I see the wheelchair more as an enrichment of my life than as an obstacle.”

My name is Jessica Blaak and I am 29 years old. I’ve been in a wheelchair since 2016, due to sickness and a mistake made in the hospital. From the first minute I’ve seen the wheelchair more as an enrichment of my life than as an obstacle. I think it is discovering the world 2.0. So many new things are coming my way, which I might not have encountered without a wheelchair.

“I saw the Scheveningen Light Walk as a great opportunity to properly test the Vicair Vector O2. And what a relief it was!”

My first wheelchair was a Küschall, a good wheelchair but I was not sitting comfortably. Various wheelchair cushions were tried to fix this, but nothing worked. After many detours I was informed about the Vicair Try out Service (a Vicair service available in the Netherlands that allows you to try a Vicair cushion for three weeks). I had the Scheveningen Light Walk (7km) on my schedule, and I had to be able to finish that. So, I saw that as a great opportunity to properly test the Vicair Vector O2 wheelchair cushion. After the first hour, I already noticed so much difference! I no longer had pain in my lower back and thighs and I was able to sit up straight longer. After a longer period of time sitting on the cushion I noticed that the early stage pressure injury problems that I’d been having were subsiding. What a relief!

But then it came… Following the way through the municipal authorities to get the Vicair cushion in my wheelchair. In the end it took a total of 4 months. Luckily, after consulting with Vicair, I was allowed to use the cushion that I had on trial a bit longer. Since I got the Vicair cushion I can comfortably sit in my wheelchair for hours on end, without any problems.

Vicair Vector O2 Gebruikersreview Jessica

“With my Vicair wheelchair cushion, I no longer feel like the princess and the pea.”

When I had a fitting for a new Proval wheelchair by TNS – a dealer in the Netherlands – in august 2019, the first thing I said was: “The Vicair cushion needs to stay!” And fortunately I could keep it. Combined with my new custom-made wheelchair, I no longer feel like the princess and the pea. Because I don’t feel the pea with a Vicair! I feel less shocks when I ride, I stay upright and my legs don’t fall outwards anymore so my hips do not dislocate. And another advantage, when my feline roommate Tommie causes a cell to leak, I don’t notice it!

Rolstoelkussen Vicair Vector O2 rolstoel badminton

“I personally can’t live without Vicair anymore! I’d advise every wheelchair user to try it out.”

I have always done a lot of sports; from playing football to rollerblade marathons. Unfortunately, I had to put an end to that. But with a go-getter mentality, you will look for something else to do. That’s how I ended up starting to play wheelchair badminton in 2018, something I turned out to be pretty good at! At the beginning of 2020 I got a new custom-made sports wheelchair from TNS. Sadly without a Vicair cushion in it, because there was no budget left. It would be so nice if I can get one in it later! Because I know how ideal these cushions are, so maybe it will make me play even better 😉.

Final conclusion: I can’t live without Vicair anymore! And I know it is very personal what product works for someone, but I’d recommend that every wheelchair user at least tries out a Vicair cushion.

– Jessica Blaak

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