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Testimonial Jimmy van Hoewijk – Vicair Vector O2

Jimmy Review Vicair Vector

“Looking back at what I’ve been sitting on, this was unavoidable…”

In 2007 someone overlooked me and hit me with his car. Because of this, I broke my back. I had many more fractures, but these fractures are not the reason why I’m writing a review about a wheelchair cushion. My th8 vertebra was completely shattered due to the accident and this resulted in paraplegia.

I followed an intensive rehabilitation program. After this program, I soon got my first pressure injury. At the start the pressure injuries were limited to my heels. After a while I also got more and more pressure injuries around my sitting area. When I look back at the wheelchair cushions that I have been sitting on for the past few years, this was actually unavoidable.

Review Vicair Jimmy

“Nothing sits as light as sitting on air”

After trying out many different wheelchair cushions I got the tip to try a Vicair cushion. That’s how I got the Vicair Vector O2. It was said that nothing sits as light as sitting on air, and I think so too. The Vicair Vector O2 is much lighter than my previous cushions and therefore very handy to take with me. It is also easy to keep the cushion clean because it can be washed in the washing machine. I can sit on the Vicair Vector O2 all day without developing new pressure injuries.

My skin was damaged so badly that I eventually needed a custom-made cushion. The custom made cushion is actually a Vector O2 with a small adjustment to provide extra relief. With this cushion the most sensitive area is completely relieved. My custom-made Vicair Vector O2 helps enormously in preventing more damage to my skin and also contributes to the recovery of my skin.

Gebruikers review Vicair Vector Jimmy

“I can be fully focused on my own company again”

Now I can look forward to the future without too many paraplegic problems and nonsense! Because that is what pressure injuries are in my opinion. I started a company last year and now I can fully focus on this!

– Jimmy van Hoewijk

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