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My name is Juan Nimo. I am 35 years old, born and raised in the city of Neuquén, Argentina. I suffered a spinal cord injury at the T3 level 16 years ago due to a fall while competing in motorcycle racing.

Throughout the years, I initially pursued my dream of becoming a professional racing driver in my own country. This was not an easy task, but I tried to convince authorities and others that I was capable of engaging in activities that were not commonly associated with people with disabilities.

Challenge of 1201 kilometres

I adapted a go-kart and a quad bike and I became an adapted driver that was achieving good results. Later on, I got on an adapted motorcycle and was allowed to compete in this category as well. was then that it also occurred to me to do challenges, such as the one in 2013, where I travelled 1201 kilometres from my hometown of Neuquén to the Obelisco, an iconic monument in the capital city of Buenos Aires. I completed this journey in a marathon wheelchair, taking 16 days with two days of rest, with stages of 100 kilometres or 60 kilometres every day.

I also decided to explore the world of dance, including danceability, aerial dance, and acrobatics, to showcase acrobatic dance using harnesses, ramps, and more. We won different prizes for our performances. This opened the door for me of doing chair acrobatics on ramps and other obstacles. In 2015, we even won the Cannes Media Festival for the best advertisement in the world. Our ad, called “Ramp Lesson”, which consisted of jumping over cars that blocked wheelchair ramps in public areas, to show a visual, sporting, and creative impact and thus make the problem clear.

Later, I was finally enabled the opportunity to start my professional racing career in the Turismo Carretera, the most popular and professional motorsport category in South America. I competed aboard an adapted Chevrolet after initially participating in more amateur divisions where I achieved several podium finishes.

This year (2023), I will have an important challenge on the motorcycle and I am preparing for it. It will be physically difficult, a big race.

“The long distances I had to travel in my car were a great concern for the risk of potential pressure injuries.”

In short, I have been involved in a wide range of activities, including wakeboarding, hand-cycling, skiing, and more. All of this is not just to share my story, but to highlight that despite having good mobility, I had to take precautions, including using various protective gear and cushioning. However, the long distances I had to travel in my car for these adventures and the risk of potential pressure injuries remained a constant concern.

One day, a significant injury occurred ischial protuberance, which made me stop for months, which forced me to stop for months, both before and after surgery. The injuries become really annoying due to the complications that these bring.

Vicair Juan Maria Nimo wheelchair cushion

“Then Vicair came in my life.”

I realized that I needed to take greater care of myself, but I was wondering how? Just then, Vicair came into my life – a technology that offers protection and stability, their technology that allows us to be covered beyond where we are sitting.

Until then, all the wheelchair cushions I used were soft and spongy surfaced that made you feel like you were constantly floating and that took away my balance. It made me feel lacking in support and annoying, even removing control of my chair on a daily basis.

Above all, I think Vicair wonderful discovery, as it provided me protection without taking away my stability. It offered firm support, which is crucial for athletes, and I understand that it’s a significant change for any wheelchair user to find this combination.

“The Vicair AllRounder O2 gave me the same feeling.”

The same feeling was brought to me by the activity cushion Vicair AllRounder O2, which offers the security of having a cushion that you can transfer to any location you need. It provides coverage for your skin and body, whether you’re engaged in sports, recreation, or daily life, driving a car, riding a motorcycle, or simply enjoying our beloved drink Argentine Mate. With the Vicair AllRounder O2, you can be confident that you won’t hurt yourself and that you’re doing everything possible to avoid pressure injuries, all on a surface that gives you stability and firmness.

– Juan Maria Nimo

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