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Margret IJdema Vicair testimonial

“A horse riding accident has completely turned my life upside down.!”

Hey (potential) user of a Vicair cushion. I am glad that I can share my story with you! I am Margret IJdema and I am from Heerhugowaard (a city in the Netherlands). I am married to the sweetest partner and I am a mother of 2 wonderful teenage girls. In 2000 I had a serious accident while horse riding which turned my life upside down at the age of 24.

"Many things were difficult to do myself and some things I could no longer do myself. Also, everything around aids was completely new to me. What a difficult time that was."

The consequence of the accident was that I could no longer do a lot of thing myself, and that was mega frustrating and scary. I was really losing and rediscovering myself at times. What a difficult time that was! Not only was everything I did suddenly difficult to do, but the world with all the aids I needed was a new world for me. I had no idea what was right for me. Everyone is different, of course, so I had to figure out what would suit me and my busy lifestyle. Also, I had always been known for my demolition skills…. And that was almost the only thing that hadn’t changed after my accident. So many things are not quite right for me…. Fortunately, I still had (and still have) many wonderful people around me who have always supported me and still stand beside me.

“If only I had known then what I know now! I finally found a wheelchair cushion that fits me.”

So since 2000 I have been using a wheelchair, and yes that is quite a long time. If only I had known then what I know now! But that was not the case. Now I can share my experiences with those who are looking for the perfect wheelchair cushion! I have worn out and cursed so many cushions (😉 sorry but it is the way it is). But now I have finally found a cushion that fits me!

Margret IJdema with her Vicair cushion

"I have been sitting on a Vicair wheelchair cushion for over a year now and to my surprise, it is going great!"

I have a busy and very moving life. I am a Para Triathlete in the high level wheelchair class. I travel all over the world for competitions and I go for the highest achievable result, but actually that doesn’t fit a wheelchair and apparently not a wheelchair cushion at all!… I had cushions that were leaking all the time and still kept getting pressure ulcers. Now I’ve been sitting on a Vicair Vector O2 wheelchair cushion for over a year and to my surprise, it’s going great. If I do manage to get a SmartCell (small kind of triangular air cell) leak, it’s no problem to have it replaced at Vicair.

Of course, I cannot say to everyone “just stop looking, this is the cushion you are looking for”. But it really is the best cushion for me in all those years.

If you have any questions, you can always find me on Social Media, so don’t hesitate and send me a message 😊.

– Margret IJdema

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