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Testimonial Marijke Smits – Vicair Custom Made Active O2

“I am very adventurous and that’s why I like to ride light and smooth in my wheelchair”

My name is Marijke Smits, I have a spinal cord injury since 1972 and as a result my body has been growing more crooked in the course of time.  A heavy, adjusted wheelchair was not an option for me. I like to ride light and smooth in my lightweight wheelchair, especially because I am quite adventurous.

User testimonial Vicair Custom Made Active O2 wheelchair cushion

“I felt safe during the fitting of my Vicair Custom Made Active O2 cushion. And that’s extra important when you’re partially paralysed!”

At the Landelijke Dwarslaesiedag event (National Spinal cord injury day) in Lunteren, the Netherlands, I met Jolanda, account manager at Vicair. She was beautifully sitting up straight in her wheelchair on her Vicair cushion. She convinced me to also try a Vicair wheelchair cushion. I was allowed to test the cushion for three weeks, I thought that was very special! I tried the Vicair Adjuster O2 and the Vicair Vector O2 and both cushions were fine. During the evaluation, I mentioned that I found it difficult to make a transfer on these cushions and then the ball started rolling. To give me more support with the transfers, I was advised to get the Vicair Active O2 cushion. But it couldn’t just be the standard version because of a big difference in circumference between my legs.

That’s when Carlos, International Educator at Vicair, came to my house to do a fitting. Twelve centimetres difference in leg circumference is a quite a challenge, but he was able to come up with a solution with a Custom Made Vicair Active O2 cushion. Carlos decided to not only adjust the front foam part of my cushion, but also to raise the right backside of my wheelchair cushion to prevent the emerging scoliosis. He did all this in a very professional and ethical way, wearing long gloves. I felt safe, and that is really important especially when you are partially paralysed.

“I was able to order my new wheelchair and the Vicair Custom Made Active O2 wheelchair cushion with government funding.”

Because I needed a new wheelchair, my dealer Double Performance and Carlos cooperated. Together they looked at what the best combination of wheelchair and cushion was for me. Afterwards I was able to convince my municipality of the necessity of the Vicair cushion in combination with the RGK wheelchair. With money from my PGB (an individualized government funding in the Netherlands) I was able to order my new wheelchair and the Vicair Custom Made Active O2 wheelchair cushion.

User Review Vicair Custom Made Active O2 rolstoelkussen

“Here sits a satisfied human being. And up straight! With this excellent Vicair cushion, I’m ready to face the world for many years to come.”

Now, a couple of months later, I am still sitting up straight and well supported in my new wheelchair with this excellent Vicair cushion. In case of an accident I can easily replace the cover of my wheelchair cushion, because I have a spare cover for my Custom Made Active O2.

All in all, here sits a satisfied human being. Up straight! Thank you Vicair, thank you Carlos. I am ready to face the world for many years to come!

– Marijke Smits

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