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Testimonial Nicola Dutto Vicair Wheelchair Cushions

Nicola Dutto is a professional motorbike rider. He suffered a spinal cord injury during the Italian Baja in 2010 when he hit a big rock. As a result Nicola became dependent on a wheelchair in his everyday life. After a long rehabilitation period the former European Champion was able to do something that was thought to be impossible and got back on his motorbike. His latest goal: participating in the Dakar Rally 2019!

Wheelchair cushion Vicair Custom Made - Motor saddle drawings

Custom made motor saddle cushion

Finding the right cushion has been has been a real challenge for Nicola. Before knowing Vicair the main problem he was facing were skin issues on his buttocks when racing.

“It was a huge problem for me and limited my racing ability. Also, previous air cushions leaked quite often.”

In 2013 Nicola met the owner of Vicair, Max Rogmans. Max offered to develop a special cushion using the Vicair technology. In 2014 Nicola started racing on the new motor saddle cushion. He finished races like the Baja 500 in Mexico (440 miles) and the Vegas to Reno (530 miles). The cushion provided Nicola with the necessary protection and support during the 14 to 18 hour non-stop races through dust, mud and stones and with temperatures around 44 ° C. The results were astonishing.

Vicair Custom Made motor Saddle Cushion Nicola Dutto Testimonial

“I can continue to develop myself as a rider and I can also take on even bigger challenges”

“Since using the Vicair saddle cushion I have never had any problems with my skin. Another great benefit is that the cushion has so many SmartCells in it that I’m always protected. And I don’t have to be afraid of ending up with a flat cushion. The specially developed saddle cushion allows me to develop myself as a rider. I can also take on even bigger challenges, like the Dakar Rally 2019. Without the Vicair cushion I would not be able to do this.”

User Review Nicola Dutto Vicair Wheelchair Cushion

Nicola’s experience with the Vicair Active O2

Nicola uses the Vicair Active O2 in his wheelchair. The high level of skin protection in combination with the fantastic positioning possibilities make this cushion the best available for his active lifestyle.

Before the Vicair Active O2, Nicola had been contently using the Vicair Active for 4 years. In 2017 the Vicair O2 version of this cushion was launched, which is when he changed cushions.

“I’m experiencing a major difference with the other cushion. As I live in Italy it can be very warm. But thanks to the Vicair Active O2 my buttocks stays completely dry which is really important to me. Besides the temperature regulation I’m also noticing the positioning is even better and experiencing improved back support”

Why Vicair?

Often people ask Nicola: ‘Why do you use the Vicair wheelchair cushion’. His response:

“Why are you not using the Vicair cushion? It’s such a great cushion. Other cushions face so many problems while Vicair does not. I really hope everyone gets the same support I’m having when using the Vicair wheelchair cushions. Honestly I’m a true ambassador of Vicair”

Pictures are provided by Nicola Dutto. Rights reserved. 

– Nicola Dutto

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