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Testimonial Nicolás Gallegos - Vicair Allrounder O2

Nicolás Gallegos Vicair Alleounder O2 beach

Hello! My name is Nicolás Gallegos. I was born and raised in Miramar, Argentina. Growing up, I lived an active and adventurous lifestyle: playing soccer, training and showing horses, racing cars, riding motorcycles, and other extreme sports.

My life changed dramatically when I suffered a spinal cord injury in 1999. Although I could no longer participate in the sports I had come to love, my competitive spirit and need for adrenaline did not diminish. It has taken me a lot of time and work to get me to where I am today and with the support of teams like Vicair I have been able to explore and enjoy adventure again.

"The activity cushion Vicair Allrounder O2 has given me stability and safety."

Traveling is a big part of my life now, but with it comes a lot of worries. Worries about unexpected situations where I will have to get in and out of my wheelchair and of course worries about pressure injuries.

The activity cushion Vicair Allrounder O2, which you use outside the wheelchair, has given me stability and safety when transferring from the wheelchair to the floor. I take it with me everywhere and recommend it to all my friends. It provides me with more comfort and stability when traveling in cars, planes, and boats. It is still my go-to for my more adventurous activities.

Nicolás Gallegos Vicair Alleounder O2 outside

"It doesn't matter where I go, my Allrounder O2 is with me."

This year alone, my Allrounder O2 helped me safely and successfully experience: outrigger canoeing in the stunning waters of Hawai’i, riding dirt bikes in California, competing in surf competitions in Costa Rica/ Hawaii/ California, exploring the beautiful mountains where I also went fishing in Colorado, and off-roading on UTVs. Whether I’m relaxing on the beach, enjoying a long road trip, spending time in the garden with my dog, or flying around the world, my Allrounder O2 is with me.

The carrying case/travel bag (a proto-type I was allowed to test) makes it very easy to take the cushion everywhere. It usually hangs on the back of my wheelchair, so I have it ready at a moment’s notice.

– Nicolás Gallegos

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