Testimonial Ton Arts – Vicair Active O2

Ton Arts with his Vicair wheelchair cushion Active O2

“It is essential to have a good wheelchair cushion!”

I have a high incomplete spinal cord injury since 2014. When I regained some mobility and could sit in a wheelchair, it was essential to sit on a good wheelchair cushion. This is in relation to having a good sitting posture and preventing pressure injuries.

"I tried several cushions to see which one was best and most comfortable for me."

I don’t remember if I had a Vicair cushion in my first wheelchair (a large, non-manual wheelchair), but I did in all the following smaller and more adapted wheelchairs. I tried several cushions – including from other brands – to see which one was best and most comfortable for me. I then ended up with a Vicair wheelchair cushion with the air cells (SmartCells, air-filled cells) under the buttocks.

After I returned home and got my ‘own’ wheelchair via the WMO (social support law in the Netherlands), I didn’t have to think long about which cushion I wanted for in my wheelchair…. It was and still is a cushion from Vicair, the Vicair Active O2.

Ton Arts handbiking with his Vicair Active O2 wheelchair cushion

"The Vicair Active O2 offers me comfort while sitting!"

I have a hitch-on handbike and in the last few years I have cycled many hundreds of kilometres with it. In this, having a good wheelchair cushion is very important for both your seating comfort and cycling enjoyment! The Vicair Active O2 offers me both. The Vicair cushion has grown with me.  I also used the Vicair cushion as a good seat for the fixed frame handbike with which I trained for hours before finally cycling the HandbikeBattle in Austria.

– Ton Arts

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