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Testimonial Zöhre - Vicair Active O2

Testimonial Vicair Active O2 wheelchair cushion

Hello, my name is Zöhre, and I live in Germany. Due to a car accident at a young age, I am a paraplegic and dependent on a wheelchair. The diagnosis of “paraplegia” means that the spinal cord in the vertebral column has been damaged due to an accident or another condition. As a result, certain bodily movements below the level of paralysis are either no longer possible or only partially possible. The same applies to sensations of touch, which can be perceived differently or not at all.

Prolonged sitting in a wheelchair or the inability to frequently change sitting positions can place significant pressure on certain areas of the skin. This can lead to the development of pressure injuries (decubitus) on the buttocks, which often have a lengthy healing process. Therefore, choosing the right wheelchair cushion is crucial for a happy and healthy life.

I am 24 years old and have tried various wheelchair cushions over the years. Depending on my age and health condition, I have used different cushions. As an adult, I discovered and appreciated the Vicair Active O2 wheelchair cushion. Whether cycling or gardening, the cushion provides comfortable seating and stable support. The leg guidance in the cushion ensures that my legs maintain a healthy position. Additionally, it helped correct my pelvic obliquity, which I had for years.

The Vicair Active O2 consists of a firm foam piece at the front of the cushion and four compartments filled with air cells (SmartCells) at the back of the cushion. These four compartments can be individually adjusted, allowing me to modify my pelvic position. Even during long training sessions, workdays, and late-night parties, the cushion has never let me down. I never developed a pressure injury that affected me for an extended period.

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Because the wheelchair cushion can be easily removed from my wheelchair with detachable velcro, I am able to use it effectively outside the wheelchair for example during vacations. This allows me to participate in activities without worry.

For instance, it proves to be excellent for rowing in Spreewald (Germany) and during long car rides. A significant advantage for me is the easy cleaning of the Vicair Active O2 cushion. Only the foam section is not machine washable. However, it is protected by a cover that repels liquids and moisture, and this cover is machine washable. The easy cleaning makes the wheelchair cushion ready to use again quickly, so daily life is not disrupted.

I can say honestly say that I wouldn’t want to miss the Vicair Active O2 anymore. It is a fantastic wheelchair cushion that I would recommend anyone to try.

Dear Vicair team, I want to thank you for this wonderful product.

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