The ultimate Vicair wheelchair cushion test

The ultimate Vicair wheelchair cushion test

One man with a spinal cord injury and his Vicair air cushion, against the difficult circumstances of the Dakar Rally… Paraplegic Pro Rider Nicola Dutto performed the ultimate Vicair wheelchair cushion test while riding Dakar 2019. Did the air-fillled Vicair SmartCells rise to the challenge? And did the Vicair Custom Made motor saddle cushion keep the skin of Nicola’s buttocks safe from harm? Watch this video and find out!

The first paraplegic rider to compete in the Dakar on a motorbike

Vicair has been Nicola Dutto’s sponsor for over a few years now. Read more about his past and how he met Vicair on his sponsorship page.

What happened during Dakar 2019?

Before and during Nicola’s Dakar 2019 we’ve kept a blog & vlog about this amazing adventure. You can read and watch the updates on our Dakar 2019 page.

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