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User story - Jolanda Vosse

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Vicair User Story - Jolanda - Vicair ActiveAlkmaar – The Netherlands – July 2013

Jolanda was bitten by a tick when she was 5 years old. Many years later, doctors discovered that this bite had unfortunately caused Lyme disease. As is common with this disease, it all began with vague complaints that slowly became more severe.  At 14 walking had become so hard that she ended up in a wheelchair.

For many years it was unclear what it was that Jolanda suffered from. At 15 she was tested at the Amsterdam Medical Centre. After a large number of scans, ultrasounds and MRI’s, it was the combination of a spinal puncture and a blood test that finally revealed the cause of all the symptoms: Lyme disease. Jolanda was treated with antibiotics for a period of three weeks, to stop the disease from causing more damage. Unfortunately it was impossible to repair the damage it had already done: partial paraplegia.

Her first wheelchair Jolanda now describes as a “garden chair on wheels”. She had received it from the WMO (Dutch Social Support Act). This was an improvement to her earlier lend-chair, but it did not enable Jolanda to move independently. Her world opened up when she later received a lighter wheelchair in which she could move herself.

Vicair wheelchair cushion user story - Jolanda - Vicair Active wheelchair cushionJolanda moved on with her life and started to practice sports. At the local basketball club it was mostly from fellow wheelchair users that she learned about products and aids that can help making your life easier. When she suffered from back-aches, most likely caused by sitting on a foam cushion, a friend lend her a different type of cushion. This was the first time that Jolanda sat on a Vicair cushion. She was immediately enthusiastic about the Vicair and arranged a similar cushion for herself through her local supplier.

The Vicair team met Jolanda at an exhibition. She had some questions about her cushion. A few months later we contacted Jolanda when we were in the process of developing a new wheelchair cushion for active wheelchair users. Jolanda agreed to test the Vicair Active wheelchair cushion. She liked the Vicair Active so much that she actually came with us as a crew member to the next exhibition. There is no better salesman than a satisfied customer!

Vicair wheelchair cushion user story - Jolanda - Vicair Active wheelchair cushionEver since her internship (started during her studies at the Heliomare Rehabilitation Study Centre) Jolanda has been happily working at the salary administration of Tata steel, one of the largest steel companies in the world.

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