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User story - Judith Sanders - Vicair wheelchair cushions

Vicair makes me feel right at home!

In 1994 I had the misfortune to fall of a stage and land in a wheelchair. I was sixteen years old. Despite my handicap I still had the same dreams, needs and goals. Before the accident my sisters and I were very active playing volleyball. Not the easiest sport for a paraplegic. During my rehabilitation in the Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) I was introduced to wheelchair tennis. After hitting the first ball I thought: “This is so cool, I want to get real good at it!” Because of wheelchair tennis, I have been traveling around the world. During my travels I often encounter obstacles. I see overcoming these obstacles as a challenge. A sport in itself!

User story Judith Sanders - Vicair wheelchair cushionsMy active lifestyle and years of wheelchair experience taught me the importance of a good body position. My Vicair seat cushion offers me this perfect positioning. What I like about the cushion, is that I can play with pressure. By adjusting the number of small air cells in (one of) the cushion’s compartments, I can easily create my ideal seat. The Vicair advisors are always available for questions and willing to help me find a good solution. I really appreciate the small scale of the company and its customer friendliness.

Judith Sanders – The Netherlands

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