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Vicair O2 range – Fully machine washable & 100% breathable wheelchair cushions

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Vicair O2 is our latest product range innovation, currently transforming our most popular cushions into fully machine washable and 100% breathable wheelchair cushions. The Vicair O2 range has excellent micro climate control, dealing with hygiene related issues such as sweat and incontinence. The combination of pressure redistribution and micro climate control provide high quality skin protection. This reduces the risk for skin damage whilst also making the wheelchair cushions fit for use in pressure ulcer treatment plans. The new design ensures that the cushions keep their shape and volume, resulting in better immersive qualities, leading to improved support and skin protection.

The Vicair O2 range is now considered to be our main product line eventually replacing the Academy (classic) product line.  The research & development department is currently exploring the possibilities of expanding the Vicair O2 range even further.

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Wheelchair cushion Vicair Liberty Profile

Vicair Liberty range

The Vicair Liberty product range is perfect for individuals that use a wheelchair occasionally or temporarily and are to a degree mobile.

Part of the Liberty product range are the Vicair Liberty seat cushionthe Vicair Liberty Profile seat cushionthe Vicair Liberty back support cushion and the Vicair Liberty Toilet Cushion (TC).

The basic function of the Liberty range is to provide more comfort than the often hard seating surfaces in standard wheelchair seats, back support systems and on toilets. In addition to providing comfort the Liberty range also provide a great level of support and as opposed to other, harder, seating surfaces the Liberties have pressure ulcer prevention qualities.

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Vicair Centre Relief O2

Vicair Special range

The main O2 product line is able to help people in many situations, but there are some cases in which specific problems might occur. For these specific situations Vicair has developed a number of cushions models that each address a certain seating problem and for those cases are able to provide a better seating solution than the standard models. These models are considered part of the Vicair special product range.

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Vicair FlexBack Back Support

Vicair Technology products

As a company, Vicair is proud of its award winning SmartCell Technology. We believe that the technology is very versatile and that it can be used for more products than just wheelchair seat cushions. Some examples of this are the Vicair back cushions and mattresses, but what we also love to do is share our technology with others who can benefit from it. This is how Vicair Technology Products are born.

In collaboration with partners that have their own wheelchair back support systems and shells, we’ve developed back support cushions to complete or enhance the performance of these back systems. In addition to developing cushions for specific wheelchair back support systems we’ve also transferred our technology to a completely different product that also needed a way to relief pressure by air.

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Vicair Custom Made Rolstoelkussens

Vicair Custom made

At times the standard and special cushion models are not able to provide a solution to a problem. Luckily, due to the flexibility of the Vicair SmartCell technology our options are not limited to set product shapes or sizes. This enables us to develop tailor made cushions that are specifically made to fit exceptional needs in detail.

Our research and development department includes a studio where product designers and development specialists collaborate to develop optimal tailor made cushions that provide solutions for the most complicated situations. They closely consult with product specialists and clinical practitioners to make sure every custom made cushion fits the requested specifications.

You can read more about the process of creating a custom made and view some examples of custom made products on our studio page. Examples of custom made cushions can also be found in the product overview.

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Activity cushion Vicair AllRounder O2

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