Find out which Vicair wheelchair cushion suits you best

What is Vicair O2?

The Vicair O2 wheelchair cushions tackle the hygiene issues caused by sweat or incontinence, this new range of wheelchair cushions optimize micro climate control. The open structure of the Vicair O2 cushions allows the cushions to be easily washed in any washing machine. Without the need for a laundry bag, and without removing the SmartCells. These cushions are ideal for both institutional and home use, in situations where incontinence, temperature and humidity is an issue.

  • Fully machine washable for optimal hygiene
  • 100Breathable for perfect temperature  and moist regulation
  • Unique ‘Solid Shape’ for better immersion

Read more below and / or use our wheelchair cushion selection tool to find out which Vicair O2 cushion suits your lifestyle.

Vicair O2 wheelchair cushion machine washable
VIcair Wheelchair Cushions Machine washable white


In all washing machines washable at 60°C without using a laundry bag or removing the SmartCells™.*

Vicair Wheelchair Cushion 100% Breathable White


Cushion is fully breathable due to open fabric structure yet resistant to incontinence.

Vicair Wheelchair Cushion Solid Shape


New design ensures that the cushion keeps its shape and volume, resulting in improved support and skin protection.

The available Vicair O2 wheelchair cushions
Wheelchair Cushion Vicair Vector O2 6cm

Vicair Vector O2

The most stable cushion for wheelchair users.

  • Expanding the user’s reach
  • Nine adjustable compartments for maximum stability
  • Extra positioning for the thighs
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Wheelchair Cushion Vicair Adjuster O2 6cm

Vicair Adjuster O2

The optimal cushion for body asymmetry

  • Minimalises sliding and shear forces
  • Individual solution for asymmetry
  • Optimal adjustment to the body’s contours
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Rolstoelkussen Vicair Active O2 6cm

Vicair Active O2

For active wheelchair users

  • Perfect for users who frequently transfer
  • Excellent lateral and frontal stability
  • Superior protection of the sitting bones
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Activity cushion Vicair AllRounder O2

Vicair Allrounder O2

Explore your possibilities

  • Stays with you during activities outside of the wheelchair
  • Optimal temperature and moisture regulation
  • Extremely light to support optimal mobility
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How does it work?
Wheelchair Cushion Vicair Vector O2 6cm

Fully machine washable wheelchair cushion

From a hygienic point of view it is preferred that a wheelchair cushion can be washed. Especially after bowel or bladder accidents. It is unpleasant if you have to remove the filling before washing. The Vicair O2 cushions can be put in the washing machine in its entirety (*with exception of the Active’s foam part). The SmartCells in the cushion do not have to be removed before washing and the maximum washing temperature is 60°C. Therefore the cushion is perfect for use in nursing homes and/or for everyone that desires maximum hygiene of their wheelchair cushion.

100% breathable and ventilation

The Vicair O2’s open cushion structure ensures 100% breathability and ventilation. Using a breathable wheelchair cushion improves temperature and humidity control, increases comfort and reduces the effect of shear and friction on tissue deformation, thereby reducing the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Wheelchair Cushion Machine Washable Vicair Breathing Fabric Detail Adjuster O2
Wheelchair cushion Vicair O2 10cm zipper

‘Solid Shape’ for maximum stability and optimal sitting comfort

A Vicair O2 wheelchair cushion has a zipper running all the way around the cushion’s mid-section. This offers the user improved sitting comfort, as the cushion keeps its shape and volume, resulting in more support and enhanced skin protection. The placement of the zipper also allows the therapist to adjust the number of SmartCells (only if necessary) while the user remains seated on the cushion.

Which wheelchair cushion suits you best?

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