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What is a Vicair special cushion?

All cushions in the special model range are developed to address specific seating challenges. Each one has a special purpose and most were adopted into the special product range after we established the need for a solution to these specific situations. Either via observations, research, requests or custom made cushions that were being ordered frequently in a similar shape.

We have chosen to adopt these special cushion models into a product range so people can see that there are solutions to these specific seating challenges. There’s no need for an endless search or a custom made wheelchair cushion, the products are readily available in most cases. The only variable that still needs to be taken into account is cushion size. The wheelchair cushions in the special range also have a number of standard sizes so we can offer a solution that often provides instant relief right away (please note that these standard sizes might differ per model). In the future the special range might introduce new models when the need for a solution to an often encountered seating challenge arises.

The special range currently includes the following models; Vicair Centre Relief O2Vicair Multifunctional O2Vicair XXtra O2Vicair Junior Vector O2Vicair Adjuster 12 O2 and the Vicair Pommel O2.

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