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Implementing Vicair Technology into other products

Vicair Technology products are always developed in collaboration with a partner. In essence all products in this range apply Vicair technology to a partner product. A Vicair Technology Product is developed when a partner approaches us with the request of wanting to make use of our technology for one of their products.

The development process of these products are a collaboration between our partner, usually a distributor, and the Vicair R&D department.
When a request comes in, the product development team comes up with a solution, after which a first prototype is developed in our studio. Product prototypes go through a thorough testing and trial period in which further adjustments can be made. Fully approved products are then adopted as a Vicair Technology Product and from then on are produced in larger numbers in our own production facilities in the Netherlands.

A number of examples of Vicair Technology Products are showcased below, most are back support cushions developed for specific wheelchair back support systems.

Vicair FlexBack Back Support

Invacare Vicair FlexBack

The Vicair FlexBack use SmartCell technology, providing superior pressure redistribution and individual positioning capabilities due to the fact that the number of SmartCells in each compartment can be increased or decreased depending on the user and the day’s circumstances when used on power wheelchairs. It can be easily secured to the back board with Velcro and has built-in lateral cushioning for side support.

The FlexBack is filled with individual air cells (SmartCells). The number of SmartCells in each compartment can be modified for each compartment, resulting in the pressure redistribution that is needed or to suit the positioning needs of the individual.


Vicair Matrx Elite Deep Air Back Support Cushion

Invacare Vicair Elite Air Back

The Vicair Elite Air back support cushion was designed to be combined with the stable aluminium shell of the Matrx Elite Deep back support.

The design provides enhanced stability with lateral trunk support while still allowing clearance for the shoulders and hips. With high levels of pressure redistribution the Vicair Elite Air is suitable for those at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers.

Vicair NXT

Nxt VC Back

The VC™ – Pelvic Back Support with Vicair Technology Cushion Back has an adjustable Vicair back support cushion which is ideal for tilt chairs, or users with a kyphotic posture or with the potential for skin breakdown on their spine. The back support cushion has eight pockets that can be individually adjusted for a customized fit or for comfort and postural support.

Vicair Armadilo Back Cushion

Nxt Armadillo VC Back

The Armadillo Multi-Adjustable Postural Support back has a gentle contour and optional lateral and pelvic supports. The Optima Armadillo Back support has a three section modular shell with a Vicair back support cushion with multiple pockets, designed to adjust to fit the unique contour of the user’s spine. Designed for users with kyphosis, lordoses or other spinal deformities.

Vicair Technology in Maxxcare SmartCells


A completely different type of product also make use of Vicair Technology: the Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution. Maxxcare enables high quality off-loading for pressure injuries through a superior heel protector. The difference between the application of Vicair Technology in the back systems mentioned above and the Heel Pro Evolution is that they make use of different type of SmartCells. The back support systems make use of the classic SmartCell that is also used in all Vicair cushions. For the Heel Pro Evolution a new type of ‘cell’ was developed that basically is an elongated SmartCell, providing the same protection and pressure relief: the SmartTube.

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