Vicair’s wish for 2020

Vicair’s wish for 2020

Vicair’s wish for 2020

The end of the year is the time when everyone sends each other gifts and the best wishes for the upcoming new year. Of course Vicair is no exception as we always strive to come up with something nice for all our partners and friends. This year we decided it was time to make a change and figured that sometimes less is more…

Onwards to clean (vic)air!

Air is the basis of our Vicair technology and that’s exactly why air is important to us. So we decided to contribute to improving air quality all over the world. How? We’ve donated trees in the name of every Vicair distributor to the organisation Trees For All!

42 Trees for Trees for All

Just like us, Trees For All is a Dutch organisation that operates on a global level and makes it their mission to improve the quality of life all over the world. Trees for All does this with improving the quality of the air we breathe by compensating CO2 emissions. The very same air that we rely on for our Vicair Technology. Because of these similarities we decided to make an end-of-year donation to this organisation and now 42 trees will be planted all over the world. These trees will compensate 21 tonnes of CO2! Just to put it in perspective, to emit this amount of CO2 you need to fly 221.592 km – more than 5 times around the globe.

About Trees for All

Despite the fact that trees are indispensable for us, about 10 billion of them disappear across the globe every single year. The consequences of losing these trees are great and that’s why the organisation Trees For All invests in trees. They do this by planting, protecting and restoring forests whilst at the same time making people more aware.

Trees For All plants as many trees as possible in both the Netherlands and abroad to compensate CO2 emissions. In 2018 Trees For All compensated 40.000 tonnes of CO2 with their efforts. To make a difference worldwide, the organisation works with a 1-2-Tree principle. This means that for every pair of trees that are donated, 1 tree is planted in the Netherland and 1 in one of their projects abroad. Right now projects where trees are being planted abroad are in Costa Rica, Uganda and Bolivia. Earlier Trees For All already finished projects in Malaysia, Mali and the Philippines.

Happy Holidays!

Vicair happy holidays 2019

With this donation we would like to thank our distributors for a successful cooperation this past year! We look forward to a new year, with new products, developments and challenges. We wish everyone the very happiest of holidays and a beautiful, successful 2020!

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