Which wheelchair cushion suits you best?

How to use a Vicair wheelchair cushion? Watch our videos

You are interested in the wheelchair cushions and other seating and positioning products made by Vicair. But how do they work? We would like to demonstrate this in the videos on this page. Please contact us if you have any questions.

How to wash a Vicair O2 wheelchair cushion

It’s easy! We’ll show you.

Vicair Quick Set Up instructions

How to quickly install a Vicair wheelchair cushion

Vicair is ‘The Perfect Package’ for you!

Find out why Vicair wheelchair cushions are ‘The Perfect Package’.

Vicair Quality Assurance – 6 point SmartCell Safety Check

The Vicair SmartCells are real lightweight champions!

Vicair Vector O2 – a video about one of our machine washable wheelchair cushions!

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Which wheelchair cushion suits you best?

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